Office Closed

Due to increased coronavirus cases, the Utility office will be closed to the public as of 4:30pm, Tuesday, November 17, 2020 until further notice. 

December bills were mailed on December 9.  If you still have not received your bill for December, you may view your bill on My Account, or call the office for your balance.

Multifamily Energy Savings Program


Multifamily housing unit shown from frontThe Focus on Energy program specializes in energy efficiency opportunities for multifamily properties with four or more dwelling units. The program provides a range of services that result in lower operating costs for building owners and managers and lower costs of living and increased comfort for tenants.

The Program Provides:
Free Building Energy Assessments that examine overall building performance, including heating and cooling systems, domestic water heating, building envelope, lighting in common areas, individual living units and more.
Optional Calculations Of Projected Energy Savings that show you potential ROI of efficiency projects. A small fee is charged for this optional report; you are reimbursed for this expense once your projects are complete.
Prescriptive Incentives for specific measures that are one-for-one replacements or substitutions for specific equipment.
Incentives For Custom Projects that are specific to your building’s needs and your savings goals.
Program Eligibility and Requirements
Must be an owner or manager of an apartment or condo building with four or more units.
The building(s) must be served by a participating Wisconsin electric or natural gas utility.
Receive pre-approval on any custom projects, or complete a prescriptive application. See the multifamily application form (click here: for more details.
Additional conditions apply.